Value Investing is the discipline of investing in stocks that are selling at prices below its intrinsic or true value.

Value stocks are often out-of-favor and are therefore avoided by majority of investors. Investing in value stocks is a proven strategy of earning above average returns with lower risk.

The best proof that Value Investing works is the 49-year investment record of Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company of Warren Buffett garnered an average annual return of 19.7% from 1935 to 2013; a record unbeaten so far by anyone in the investment industry.

Who We Are

WideMoat Analytics was founded because of the need to value Philippine stocks intelligently – the Value Investing approach. Some of the tools needed are
stock screens and valuation models not available from commercial investment data providers. WideMoat aims to provide information on Value Investing
strategies and tools to equip its subscribers to value stocks and invest wisely just like Warren Buffett and other value investors.

Our Belief and Mission

We believe that every investor needs to be informed that Value Investing is the safest discipline to build wealth by looking at stocks not as a piece of paper
but as a company that has assets and earnings power. These assets and earnings power can be intelligently analyzed using the Value Investing principles
taught and practiced by Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and other value investors.

Our mission is to be the Value Investing authority in the Philippines. We aim to accomplish this by equipping our readers and subscribers to different value
strategies and tools. These tools will include stock screens, valuation models and other future tools that is focused on providing our subscribers access to
information and tools to quickly and confidently analyze a particular company.

Our Value Proposition

WideMoat Analytics offers an integrated package to our subscribers by providing all the necessary information and tools one would need to confidently
analyze a company. The package includes:

  • Access to current and five (5) years of historical financial data from recognized data provider, FactSet.
  • Comprehensive stock screen that includes P/E, P/B, EV/EBITDA,Dividend Yield and 52-week low
  • Use of five (5) valuation models created by Old School Value, a well-established Value Investing service that provides service for US stocks.
  • Ability to backtest an investment strategy using our backtest feature
  • Access to subscriber-only articles and reports on companies Future features at no extra charge